About Us

Thanks for joining us! We have found ourselves in the enviable position of having 4 months off work, enabling us to go on a bit of an adventure around Europe. The plans have evolved, changed, altered, and been turned upside down since we started, but we have now settled on a rough, changeable outline. The plan is to climb our way around Italy, Sicily, Greece, and western Turkey, taking in quite a few well known and esoteric climbing locations, and doing a fair amount of sightseeing at the same time. We will try and document our adventures here, although we may be too busy climbing!

You can also follow our travels on Instagram: @ordinaryclimbers and on You Tube.

You can get in touch with us by commenting on our blogs, or send us a message on Instagram. If you have any suggestions on where we should climb then let us know!

— Gaynor & Jonathan