Climbing in Burgundy – Escaping the heat at Geligny

By Jonathan. Over the past 30 years the popularity of climbing has sky-rocketed. An important trigger for this was the development of sport climbing, which began in France in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Since that time the number of sport climbing destinations has grown exponentially. With a constant stream of new and / … Continue reading Climbing in Burgundy – Escaping the heat at Geligny

Climbing on Kalymnos: Reflections

By Jonathan. Whilst Kalymnos is a world renowned destination for sport climbing it is an otherwise relatively obscure place. It has a rugged beauty but few of the historical or hedonistic attractions that tempt people to many of the other Greek islands. We were therefore a little surprised by how much the character of Masouri … Continue reading Climbing on Kalymnos: Reflections

Climbing in Zobolo, Greece

Greece has become a major hotspot for sport climbing in Europe with hundreds if not thousands of climbers flocking to Kalymnos and Leonidio. Whilst over the last couple of years other climbing areas in Greece, such as Kiparissi and Lagada, have started to receive much more attention from visiting climbers, there are still a lot … Continue reading Climbing in Zobolo, Greece