Exploring Istanbul

By Gaynor. Byzantine, Constantinople, Istanbul. One city, two continents, three names, and 15 million people. And what feels like an additional 15 million tourists! After arriving in the late afternoon and heading straight out onto the Galata bridge which crosses the Golden Horn, our first impressions of Istanbul were overwhelming. There was just so much … Continue reading Exploring Istanbul

You Lose Some, You Win Some

By Jonathan. Articles about sport climbing don't often describe failure. In part, this could be because the basic premise of sport climbing is that if you work a route for long enough you will eventually do it. A premise that obviously doesn't apply if what motivates you is on-sighting routes. In this mode, success and … Continue reading You Lose Some, You Win Some

Climbing on Kalymnos: A Beginners Perspective

For our last week on Kalymnos we were joined by our friends Penny and Mark.  This was Penny's first climbing holiday, and we are delighted that she agreed to write a guest blog for us, giving her perspective on the week in Kalymnos. Penny and Mark climbing at Summertime It was with some trepidation that … Continue reading Climbing on Kalymnos: A Beginners Perspective

Climbing on Kalymnos: Reflections

By Jonathan. Whilst Kalymnos is a world renowned destination for sport climbing it is an otherwise relatively obscure place. It has a rugged beauty but few of the historical or hedonistic attractions that tempt people to many of the other Greek islands. We were therefore a little surprised by how much the character of Masouri … Continue reading Climbing on Kalymnos: Reflections

Surviving our Rest Day – the epic walk around Telendos

By: Gaynor After nearly 10 days of watching beautiful sunsets over the island of Telendos, just off the coast of Kalymnos, we decided it was time to investigate further. Part of the long distance Kalymnos Trail circles around the island in a 10km sector that takes the walker past some of the major climbing crags … Continue reading Surviving our Rest Day – the epic walk around Telendos